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Emu boots are the products of Australia gone global. Today this brand is very popular because of their range of women boots, especially the wide ones. Not all brands offer this particular variety but if you have wide shafts, Emu boots can fit you just perfect. Apart from this, there are several other factors making Emu a hot favorite among the fashion-conscious women.

When looking into Emu footwear, you will find everything in their range- from elegant ones to stylish, for outdoor activities to formal. You can look the design of Hip Button Boot- gorgeous, with wrap around laces. This design is unique in its style and pattern- something you have never seen in any store. The toggle buttons are there to hold the laces in place adding an extra flavor. One look at it and you will want it for you.

One of the most favorite Emu's among the American ladies happens to be the Hip Boot or Hipper. This is a usual boot that comes in black color only. But its one feature makes it unique to look at. The sides of this boot are open and there is a lace to tie it up. Definitely, a style statement for this winter and you are bound to be a head-turner if you wear it for a get together.

Emu of Kimba variety is a must-have for winters. These have slouchy finish which adds the trend of fashion in its sleek and stylish look. These boots have merino wool lining that gives you warmth, comfort and that perfect fit. You can get these Emu boots in three sizes- low, medium and high.

Since this is an international brand, not all the stores will offer you so many varieties of Emu booties. If you find the one of your choice in any store, then there is nothing like it. Wear it to know how it fits before buying because boots often bite. But if there are no such outlets in your town or your likes are not available there you can go online. Look for Emu's in the websites of leading shoe stores like Endless. Since they have good brand value, you can stay assured that you will get the exact pair you have ordered. The Emu footwear are value for money. You buy it for once and use it for years. They are made of premium materials thus boast of long companionship.

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